Exciting. Scary. Tricky. Thrilling. Creepy. Captivating. Escape!

Our Escape Game Missions get under your skin.

Enter into an adventurous competition against time and space. When door closes, you get into a bizarre cinematic atmosphere, find strange objects, clues and puzzles. Play one of the best escape rooms in Germany.
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You only have 60 minutes to complete your mission and escape the room.

To this end, you must master challenges together, solve tasks and tricky puzzles in the escape room, find hidden objects and decipher clues.
Huxley VR
Book our new exciting VR mission in Braunschweig and Magdeburg.
Put on VR glasses and dive into fantastic worlds. Return from the future and reverse the downfall of humanity. Anyone familiar with our analog missions will love Huxley. Even if the puzzles take place in the virtual world this time - you move freely in the room, play together in the team again, the time is real and even the elevator ride feels incredibly realistic. You only have 44 minutes - can you make it on time?
Can you escape in time?
The mixture of knowledge, logic, skill and observation presents your team with very special challenges.
For your mission, you do not need physical strength, but team spirit, a good deal of creativity and the enjoyment of logical thinking. Only your mind will bring you out again.
The most exciting team event you've ever experienced welds your team together. A unique experience that is talked about in the office for a long time.
Do something together with friends and family. Escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in a foreign scenic theme world with many challenges, games, fun and excitement.
Chained, you wake up - in the practice of Doc Eisenbarth. Find the antidote. You have only 60 minutes left, otherwise the wedding has to be canceled.
This gift will be remembered. Engage friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, and give away games, fun, excitement, and 60 minutes of adrenaline.


The most exciting team event you've ever experienced welds your team together. A unique experience that will keep your company talking for a long time to come.
Leave your everyday life and dive into a strange world. We offer very different missions and challenges - not just numbers, but also pictures, colors, craftsmanship or science.
A great, super-moderated story and a detail-inspired space invite you to immerse yourself in an exciting world. The puzzles are not too heavy, not too light and very easily solvable in groups. But: communication and cooperation are more in demand than ever!
We visited the doc today. It was amazing. We all had great fun and were then completely turned on. The game management was great. We are looking forward to Carrie - we will solve this puzzle, too!
We made the room Carrie! It was scary but also funny! The puzzles were difficult, but not impossible, so you were energized the whole time! It is really worth a visit!