You only have 60 minutes do you make it in time? Only your mind gets you out
Percent Action
Exciting, tricky and a bit creepy: Our team games get under your skin. Enter into an adventurous competition against space and time. When door closes, you get into a bizarre cinematic atmosphere, find strange objects, clues and puzzles. Can you manage it on time? Be main actor of one of these exciting adventures:
Enter the bizarre world of the adventurer John Drake and discover a stolen artifact. Nothing is as it seems. Disappear before the adventurer is back. Exclusive at EscapeVenture. Level: Medium
Discover the mystery around a gloomy place and enter the psychopathic soul of little Carrie. What terrible fate does she associate with her mother? Exclusive at EscapeVenture. Level: Medium
Chained in a treatment room, you'll find beside you an empty syringe with a poisonous plant serum. What does the whole thing have to do with Doctor Eisenbarth, who developed surgical techniques and remedies 450 years ago? Figure it out! Exclusive at EscapeVenture. Level: Heavy.
Activate a shut down data center and hack into a social media server to stop the manipulative image campaign of the US president. Until end of February in Magdeburg, March and April in Braunschweig. Exclusive ag EscapeVenture. Level: Easy
An hour of adrenaline , just flew by. Full of fun, action and mega exciting.
Isabell Ullrich
Isabell Ullrich facebook review
100% rate us on with 4 or 5 stars on facebook. Crazy exciting ... thrilling tricky ... and very mysterious for all who can tolerate some adrenaline.
Sebastian Dürre
Sebastian Dürre facebook review
100% rate us with 4 or 5 stars on tripadvisor. We had great fun obsessed with detail, great scenery, detailled, creative.

Reach your limits

The mixture of knowledge, logic, skill and observation face our players with very special challenges. You have 60 minutes to escape the room. To do this, you must solve puzzles, decipher codes and find hidden objects. For your escape, you do not need physical strength, but team spirit, a good shot of creativity and pleasure in logical thinking. Only your mind will take you out again.

Who can participate?

Everybody from 14 years can participate! Ideal as a motivating teamevent, corporate event, company party, birthday party, stag party or exciting escape from everyday for friends, families, friends.