Doc Eisenbarth Escape Room

Between Healing and Darkness

Johann Andreas Eisenbarth
Johann Andreas Eisenbarth
In halls deep and shadowed, where darkness does dance,
Each remedy I proffer, fate's weave to enhance.
Heed my solemn warning, approach not in jest,
My craft's not for all hearts; it oft demands a test.
I am Doctor Eisenbarth, from times of old and grand,
My fame echoes from North to South, across the land.
In my practice deep and dark, where shadows play,
Souls whisper their woes, in rooms cold and silent, they stay.
I heal wounds, but the cost is more than just pain,
For what I do, stems from a heart blackened by disdain.
With knives sharp and potions deep, I draw out sickness, torment,
Yet some may say, what I do here, may not be justly meant.
So listen well, ye who seek entrance to this shadowed domain,
Not all that brings healing here can be measured by gold's gain.
The spirits that wander here, in nights both long and cold,
They know of every step taken in this ancient, stony fold.
Come closer, friend, and fear not what your eyes may find,
For knowledge and the dark arts here, they walk hand in hand, entwined.
But be warned, not every heart that bravely seems and bold,
Can endure the sight of what I do in my workshop, stark and cold.
I am Doctor Eisenbarth, my word be your guide,
The boundary 'tween life and death, I swiftly stride.
So come to me, be brave, but keep your wits intact,
For what you seek in my art, brings light to darkness, deep from within's pact.
Beware, ye folk, take heed, my fame echoes far and wide,
Through dark arts and ancient knowledge, across both space and time's tide.
But those who enter my practice, seeking healing or advice,
Be prepared for the unexpected, for here it does suffice.

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