Unleash Team Bonding and Creativity

Surprise your employees with an unforgettable experience they won't soon forget. Strengthen team cohesion and communication. By overcoming challenges together, your colleagues must work closely together to succeed, promoting trust and creativity within the team.
Empower your team with a unforgettable experience, no matter where they are in the world. Our multilingual platform adapts to any location, perfect for international team building events.

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Gather 2-4 players and join forces to solve puzzles in 90 minutes of thrilling gameplay. Start anytime, anywhere, using any device with a web browser.

Team Event 1

Scalable any number of persons

An appointment is required for the supervised remote escape room. Via video conference (Teams, Hangout, Skype, WhatsApp) you solve the different tasks of the mission together as a team in 60 minutes.

Team event 2

Flexible up to 60 persons

A commercial invoice is automatically sent with the order. Upon request, payment on account is also possible. Tell us your requirements.

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Team event 1: Supervised remote escape room

Experience an unforgettable adventure with your team, no matter where you are. Connect via Teams, Hangout or Zoom and dive together into a real Escape Room. Steer our experienced game master, who speaks German and English, through the room and solve tricky puzzles. Experience 60 minutes of pure adventure and excitement, without registration or download. Platform and location independent, compatible with any device.
96 Euro
Join our game master in this exciting escape mission: Your spaceship is stranded on an abandoned desert planet. Can you manage to get the wreck back on track together?


StarWreck 96 Euro

96 Euro
Locked in a mysterious computer center, you hack into a social media server to stop the manipulated image campaign of an ex-president. But time is running out: there are only 60 minutes left before the game master runs out of oxygen!


HackAttack 96 Euro

96 Euro
A valuable Egyptian artifact disappears from the museum in Cairo and you have to find it. What does this have to do with the sleazy art dealer John Drake? Steer our game master through a fascinating world and find out together!


Artefacts 96 Euro

Team event 2: Online escape game

Take your team on a virtual escape room adventure to Andalusia, Bermuda, or a creepy abandoned hotel! Explore true-to-life locations and face real challenges in a 60-minute online reality mission. Play from anywhere, on any device, and communicate in your preferred language (German, English, Spanish, French) via Teams, Hangout or Skype. Solve puzzles and find clues together just like in a real escape room. Get ready for a unique, thrilling experience!

We build your Escape Room

. Whether you have questions, want to find out more first, have a vague idea in mind, or already have a finished plan
- get in touch with us - our experts will be happy to assist you at every stage of your project.
Veikko Galle, info@escapeventure.com


For the realization of your gamification stations we use state-of-the-art technology such as RFID, sensors, voice modules, flat screens, electromagnets, servo motors etc.. The technology acts invisibly in the background as part of the scenario.

Technology Experts

Adapted to your target group, we develop a game world of rules, roles and rewards with you. The goal is to put the player in a flow state in which he is neither overchallenged nor underchallenged and permanently receives rewards and positive feedback.

Game Design Experts

The player consumes the gamification story not only by listening, reading or watching, but is actively involved as a prosumer in the implementation. In doing so, they become immersed in the mission and lose track of time.

Story Telling Experts