Escape Room for young Explorers

Conquer Challenges Together in Hamburg, Braunschweig, Leipzig and Magdeburg

At EscapeVenture, we understand that a great adventure consists of more than just puzzles. It's about the experience, the joy, and the memories created. That's why our escape games for young explorers are designed to provide an unforgettable experience that joyfully and proudly pushes them to their limits and beyond.


Our escape rooms also offer exciting and age-appropriate puzzles for young people. In a safe environment monitored by a game master, children and teenagers step into the role of detectives and experience thrilling stories. Whether as brave space explorers, on a treasure hunt, or as young detectives solving a mysterious case – we provide an unforgettable adventure for young explorers.


Our escape rooms are suitable for a variety of age groups. Accompanied by an adult, children from 6 years old can experience 'Artefacts'. The VR games (only in Magdeburg) and 'Doc Eisenbarth' are accessible from 12 years old, 'Carrie' from 14 years. Without adult supervision, 'Artefacts' is suitable from 12 years, 'Doc Eisenbarth' from 14 years, and 'Carrie' from 16 years. Toddlers up to 6 years old are not charged. Participants under 16 years of age require a parental consent form.


Our escape games for young explorers are more than just entertainment. They nurture essential skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and creative thinking. By solving puzzles together, children and teenagers learn how to collaborate and support each other. Our puzzles are designed to stimulate curious thinking while being fun at the same time.

Teambuilding for Children and Adolescents

The Escape Room teambuilding process for children and adolescents involves phases of exploration, conflict resolution, collaboration, and reflection, fostering valuable social and cooperative skills in a fun and engaging environment. Through interactive challenges and teamwork, participants learn to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and work towards common goals, ultimately strengthening their bonds and self-confidence.

The Initial and Exploration Phase (Contact):

For children and adolescents, the beginning of the teambuilding process is often characterized by excitement and curiosity as they delve into a new environment and get acquainted with their team members. They start getting to know each other, testing boundaries, and forming initial relationships. Creating a supportive and encouraging environment in this phase is crucial, allowing participants to build trust and feel secure.

The Confrontation and Conflict Phase:

During the game, conflicts may arise when children and adolescents have different opinions or cannot agree on how to approach a particular task. It's important for them to learn to deal constructively with conflicts, compromise, and define common goals. This phase provides an opportunity to develop communication and conflict resolution skills.

The Regulation and Agreement Phase:

In this phase, children and adolescents begin to establish norms and rules that define the team's collaborative approach. They learn to communicate effectively, utilize their individual strengths, and support each other. This phase promotes a harmonious group atmosphere and strengthens trust and camaraderie within the team.

The Work and Achievement Phase (Cooperation):

During the performing phase, children and adolescents work efficiently together to solve the tasks at hand. They leverage their individual skills and strengths to achieve common goals. An atmosphere of collaboration and support emerges, leading to enhanced team performance. This phase offers an opportunity to build self-confidence and reinforce their skills.

The Dissolution Phase:

After the game concludes, children and adolescents reflect on their experiences and adventures in the Escape Room. They draw lessons from the game and recognize how they worked as a team. This phase provides an opportunity to gain insights into team dynamics and apply the lessons learned to future challenges. It's essential for participants to feel that their contributions are valued and recognized to boost their self-esteem.

Preparation for Kids and Teens Event

Before the adventure begins in Hamburg, Leipzig, Magdeburg or Braunschweig, it's important to prepare your young team for the Escape Room experience. Here are some tips to get ready:

  • Explain the Concept: Make sure everyone understands what an Escape Room is and how it works. Describe the goal of the game and the basic rules.
  • Team Building Activities: Engage in team-building exercises beforehand to strengthen bonds and foster cooperation among the participants.
  • Set Expectations: Discuss the importance of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Encourage everyone to contribute ideas and work together.
Strategy and Tactics

Once inside the Escape Room, it's time to put your strategy and tactics to the test. Here's how to approach the challenges:

  • Game Planning and Organization: Strategize how to tackle the challenges. Divide tasks and plan your approach to efficiently solve puzzles.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Constantly communicate and support each other in finding clues and solutions. Utilize individual strengths and work as a team to succeed.
  • Adaptation and Flexibility: Stay flexible and adjust your strategy as new information or challenges arise. Be ready to react quickly and adapt your tactics to achieve the goal.
Post-Game Celebrations

After successfully completing the Escape Room adventure in Hamburg, Braunschweig, Magdeburg or Leipzig, it's time to celebrate! Here's how to make the most of your post-game experience:

  • Reflect on the Experience: Take a moment to discuss the game and share your favorite moments with the team. Reflect on what you learned and how you worked together.
  • Capture Memories: Snap some photos to commemorate the experience. Pose with props or in front of the Escape Room backdrop for fun and lasting memories.
  • Enjoy Refreshments: Treat yourselves to snacks or refreshments to celebrate your success. Relax and enjoy each other's company after a thrilling adventure.