Carrie Escape Room

Trapped in the Shadows of My Thoughts

Carrie Lueder
Carrie Lueder
As I sit with my mother at the small table in front of the fireplace, sipping cocoa, the scene seems almost idyllic. But inside me, a psycho storm rages, tearing apart the apparent calm. The flames of the fireplace cast eerie shadows on the walls, reminding me of the dark abysses of my thoughts. In this moment, I am trapped in the labyrinth of my own fears and doubts, seeking an escape.
I wander through Schloss Le Moulin and settle into the armchair by the fireplace, my gaze lost in the flickering dance of the flames. Beside me sits my mother, her face enveloped in shadows cast by the fire. We share a moment of apparent normality as we sip our cocoa, but inside me rages a horror, a tempest of unsettling thoughts and fears threatening to overwhelm me.
The events surrounding our family have shattered me, turning me into a shadow of myself. I am trapped in a web of lies and secrets that suffocate me, and I fear the darkness lurking within me. Every day, every moment, I battle the voices in my head that threaten to drag me into the abyss.

My mother speaks to me, her words a distant echo in my mind. But I don't really hear her. Instead, I battle the demons that torment me, that seek to drive me into madness. I no longer know what is real and what is not, and the boundary between truth and illusion blurs before my eyes.

The cup in my trembling hands, and I feel the fear spreading in my stomach. I'm not afraid of my mother, but of what I find within myself – the darkness surrounding me, the shadows of my own thoughts. I'm like a bird trapped in a cage, unable to escape, caught in a horror nightmare from which there is no awakening.
I close my eyes and try to focus on the warm taste of cocoa, on the gentle touch of my mother, who seeks to comfort me. But even these small moments of peace are penetrated by the darkness that surrounds me. I feel lost, lost in a sea of pain and despair, unable to find a way out.
I long for redemption, for a light at the end of the tunnel that gives me hope. But I also fear what I might find if I turn towards the light. Perhaps there is no way out of this darkness, perhaps I am forever lost in the shadows of my own thoughts. And so I sit there, in my armchair by the fireplace, drinking cocoa with my mother, but in my heart rages a storm that threatens to suffocate all hope.

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