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Once the door closes, a cinematic world full of secrets, strange objects, and challenging escape puzzles awaits you.
A race against space and time begins.


An exciting journey to Cairo in 1920. A valuable artifact has disappeared from a museum, and all clues point to a shady art dealer. Your immersive journey starts in his mysterious office. Dive into the world of ancient Egypt, experience thrills and surprising twists. Are you ready to escape the everyday with this unforgettable experience?

Doc Eisenbarth

Top 7 Escape Rooms in 2016 features an immersive adventure in Doc Eisenbarth's practice, offering a cinematically staged experience that brings the world of early medicine to life. Dive into the fascinating world of a brilliant physician and solve challenging puzzles in a thrilling race against time, filled with unexpected twists.


Experience the top 6 of the horror charts (2019) and take on the leading role in a dramatic psychological thriller. This immersive adventure plunges you into the psychopathic world of little Carrie. Discover the terrible fate that connects her with her mother amidst a creepy and supernatural setting. Dive into this dark story and experience the psychological thriller of your life.

Succeed Together!

In our Escape Rooms in Hamburg, Braunschweig, Leipzig, and Magdeburg, physical strength isn't what counts,
but rather team spirit, creativity, and enjoyment of logical thinking.

Discover the ultimate escape room experience for your team building or Christmas party. Our escape rooms offer unique challenges that require logic, skill, and teamwork. Experience a team event that will be remembered for a long time.

Enjoy quality time with friends and family by escaping the ordinary and immersing yourselves in captivating themed environments filled with challenges, fun, and excitement.

Our escape games are designed to challenge and excite young explorers by immersing them in a role and experiencing exciting and age-appropriate challenges in a supervised environment.

Wake up in Doc Eisenbarth's practice, chained and with only 60 minutes to find the antidote to prevent a wedding cancellation. This immersive escape game demands teamwork, puzzle-solving skills, and a race against time for an unforgettable experience.
This gift will be remembered. Lock up friends, acquaintances family members and colleagues and give away game, fun, excitement and 60 minutes of adrenaline.

Experience an extraordinary VR adventure at EscapeVenture in Magdeburg, which takes you into a world full of immersive experiences and shifts the boundaries of your reality.