Secret Society
You're short on cash and come across Huang on the internet, who promises you quick help. Perpetrator or detective? Decide which side you're on.
Carrie's family
The Lueder family is preparing for a family celebration. Murder, organized crime, drug deals. Who is involved and where? Experience the creepiest places on this planet.
Bermuda Wrecks
Uncover the mystery of the Sea Venture, which once sank off the coast of Bermuda. Follow the trail of forgotten treasures and delve into the history and culture of this fascinating island world.
Anno 1945 - a luxury hotel. Meeting place of the stars. The best time of the beautiful hotel owner Adele. But then she is murdered and finds no peace - until today.
A software for artificial intelligence and the fatal Tesla accident of the journalist who was investigating it. Is there a connection?
Sherry Adventure
The last barrel of a rare sherry gives you a headache. Dive into picturesque Andalusia, become a sherry expert, and uncover its secrets.
Paragamix hat großartige Arbeit geleistet, die Handlung zwischen allen Escape Spielen zu verknüpfen. Wenn du ein Anfänger bist, solltest du entweder Sherry Adventure oder Adele wählen. Wenn du nach schwierigeren Escape Rätseln suchst, sind Bermuda Wrecks oder Carries Familie die beste Wahl.
Die Spieldesigner haben die Spieler wirklich an Orte mitgenommen, von denen wir nicht wussten, dass es sie auf diesem Planeten gibt. Durch die 360-Bilder-Touren können wir verlassene Gebäude betreten (sehr gruselig übrigens in Adele und Carries Familie), die wunderschöne Insel Bermuda erkunden, in Sherry-Keller eindringen und durch die belebten Straßen von Singapur streifen.
Das Online Escape Spiel Secret Society Singapore hatte ein wirklich cooles Konzept, bei dem man gleich zu Beginn die Wahl hatte, entweder den Täter oder den Detektiv zu spielen. Es ist interessant, die Handlung aus zwei verschiedenen Perspektiven zu betrachten. Es gab definitiv einige coole technische Details, die in die 360-Schnittstelle eingebaut wurden.
Huang Li

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Maria Lueder
Maria Lueder

Jan, a good friend, has tragically died under mysterious circumstances with his Tesla. We are faced with a puzzle, and I need your help. This is the beginning of an adventure where every clue brings us closer to the solution. Your curiosity and keenness are needed. If you are ready to take on this challenge, do not hesitate to write to me.

Crazy Dude

Hey there, newcomer to Bermuda! Ready to dive into the depths with me? Let's explore the secrets of the legendary Bermuda wrecks, which hold countless stories and hidden treasures. Join me on an unforgettable journey. From the lighthouse, you'll get a great overview. Are you ready for the challenge?