Escape Online: The Secret of Adele B.

Adele Bergmann
Adele Bergmann
I am Adele Bergmann, in the hotel of grandeur I dwell,
Through ballroom dances and corridors, where stories swell.
In each chamber and hall, in every beam of light,
My tale persists, in darkness and daylight's flight.
In Freudenstadt's heart, so silent and grand,
Stands the Hotel Waldlust, so renowned in the land.
There wanders Adele B., with spirit and grace,
In the glow of the ball night, dreams she does chase.
In the final moments of life, in the golden glow so bright,
An invisible hand seizes her, with a cold wreath of night.
Time stands still, a moment of fear and dread,
In Hotel Waldlust, where hearts once danced, in the circle spread.
Thus unfolds the tale of tragedy and grace,
In the shadows of the hotel, in life's intricate lace.
Adele B. and Hotel Waldlust, bound in eternity's embrace,
A myth that touches souls, in darkness and in grace.
The guests dance in the hall, laughter rings bright,
Yet in Adele's heart, a sense of eerie fright.
A shadow flits by, whispers in the wind's embrace,
Fate draws near quietly, relentless, without grace.
But in the abandoned halls, her spirit still resounds,
An echo of days gone by, a painful confound.
Amidst the walls where dreams do fade,
Lives the legend of Adele B., in darkness and in shade.
In memory lingers her final gaze,
In the echoing silence, in silent plays.
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