Escape Online: Guardians of the Shadows

Huang Li
Huang Li
In the dark alleys of the city, where twilight reigns,
I live, Huang, a guardian whose honor never wanes.
With cunning and courage, I protect the town
As a member of the shadows, watching secretly, never down.
In the shadows of Singapore, where twilight rests,
Lives a league of guardians, united in loyalty and zest.
Bonded in secrecy, by duty and honor ignited,
We are protectors in the night, for Singapore we're sighted.
With every step in the dark, with every act in silence,
We guard the city from dangers that threaten and menace.
Whether espionage or strategy, in battle or on stealthy feet,
The shadows are always ready, glory for Singapore to meet.
In the darkness of night, where silence holds sway,
Shadows slip away, where crime does play.
A raid through the city, silent and adept,
The shadow's prize, a secret that has kept.
In the sealed files, hidden from the light,
The truth concealed, behind a veil tight.
A betrayal of the shadows, a pact that fractures,
A secret, that no one ever forgets.
Through the winding alleys, where footsteps fade away,
Shadows lurk, where rivals pray.
An assassination planned, precise and cold,
The victims of the shadows, a dark game bold.
Let us stay united, our duties always fulfill,
The shadows of Singapore, in the alleys, on the hill.
For our city, for our country, for the future we share,
The shadows will always be there, to heal Singapore with care.
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Huang Li

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Maria Lueder

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Crazy Dude

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