Who are our missions recommended for?

EscapeVenture offers excitement and fun for all: families, friends, colleagues, tourists, guests, companies, clubs - that is, for those who want to switch off and are looking for something different and unusual, to escape into a bizarre world or want to train their team skills.

From what age can you play?

Yes, the adventure rooms are suitable for children over 14 years old. Under 14 years only accompanied by one adult per game. Children under the age of 18 have written permission from their parents. You can download them here and bring them to the game. Children can be brought along when adults play - even toddlers can come along at their own risk. We assume no liability.

I've played before. Is it worth it to try another mission variant? How are the games different from each other?

We hope you liked it. We are planning more missions. The games will differ from each other in both style and tasks. Please look at https://www.facebook.com/escapeventure/.

Are there rules of the game?

The rules of the missions are explained to you before the start by the game master & nbsp;. The instructions of the game master are to be followed. Those who violate regulations may be excluded from the mission. The same thing happens when someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Also, do not forget that cameras, cables and wires can not be touched.

When does the mission begin?

Due to the tight daily schedule and the fixed dates, delaying the start of the game is not possible. That is why it is very important that you are absolutely on time. This is necessary because the game master must instruct you and explain the game. However, you do not need to be there earlier than the booked appointment.

How long does the mission take?

It depends on how good you are and how quickly you can free yourself. The pure playing time is a maximum of 60 minutes, but for the total program you expect 80 minutes. If you can not get out of the room within this time, then the game is over.

How many people can play at a time?

The optimal group sizes are 4 people per game. The minimum group size is 2 persons, and the maximum is 6 or 7 persons per game, depending on the mission and the location. Since you have 7 or more, you can make a duel. In the duel a maximum of 20 people can play at the same time. Larger groups please book several appointments in a row.

Can I play a mission on my own?

Considering the structure and course of the mission is a parlor game - at least 2 people should play along. At the moment it is not possible to play alone.

Are the missions and rooms barrier-free?

Unfortunately, our premises are currently not barrier-free.

Do you need special clothing?

There is no dress code. You can wear what you are most comfortable with. EscapeVenture does not have to crawl around or do any other strenuous exercises.

Are the missions dangerous?

Our missions are in no way dangerous and no physical effort (race, climbing etc) is required. As long as the rules that are announced at the beginning are observed, the course should not be more appealing than a visit to a restaurant. Of course, stumbling or kicking is always and everywhere possible, so participation is always at your own risk. Our missions & nbsp; are not suitable for people with claustrophobia, panic attacks, malaise in narrow and dark rooms or the like.

Does one need special knowledge or physical power to play?

No! The missions do not require any exceptional skills or abilities. The tasks are available to all. Above all, you need team spirit, logic and creativity to master the tasks.