Here we give you answers to questions about our online escape games and our online escape rooms. If you have further questions or need an individual offer, please write us an Send Email.

You decide for one or more of our online escape games and book directly on the website or tell us your wishes. You will receive mission codes from us via e-mail and distribute them to the players via e-mail. Each 2 players will receive a mission code. You enter this code on the website. The players are divided into teams of 3-5 persons each. Each player plays on his or her own cell phone, tablet or PC and communicates with other players via WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger.
How long is the game?
For the remote escape room you should plan around 80 - 90 minutes. This also includes a buffer time for possible technical problems.
How to pay?
With the order you will receive a commercial invoice from us by email. Please transfer the invoice amount before the event to the bank account indicated or pay in advance by PayPal or credit card.
They are divided into teams of 6 to 10 people each. Each team plays a remote escape room (approx. 90 minutes - 15 Euro per person), choose one of the missions Artefacts, HackAttack or StarWreck. You will receive a link from us before the game. If you want to use Microsoft teams, send us a team appointment invitation. You distribute the link to all players. 5 participants per game is ideal. The players click on the link via their mobile device or PC and see a real escape Room from different camera perspectives. You coordinate your team and give instructions to our game master, who is in the room as a human avatar, which he executes for you. As a team, you will find clues, solve puzzles, and complete one of three missions together. The game is played via web browser. No registration or download is required. The mission artifacts are available twice, so a "duel" of the teams is also possible.
When do we play?
You make an appointment with us (date and time) and receive a written confirmation. Our remote games Artefacts, HackAttack and StarWreck are played via Zoom. You will receive a meeting invitation from us via email. We will send it to you after you have chosen a desired date and time. All three rooms can also be played simultaneously. We recommend a division into two groups of six people each. The remote escape game can be booked daily between 10:30 and 21:00. You can play the online escape game around the clock without making an appointment.
How much is it?
A Remote Escape Room costs 15 Euro per person, an Online Escape game 5 Euro per person (incl. VAT)