Book an appointment in Hamburg

Doc Eisenbarth welcomes his patients in the Grindelallee near Hamburg University.
The playing time is 60 minutes plus 15 minutes briefing and de-briefing.
You will be individually supervised by a game master. Suitable for all ages.

Please press 'select date' and select a date in the time table first. Until end of October we currently only open Friday through Sunday.

How to:
  • Select Appointment: First, select the date on the calendar where you want to play. You can also arrange individual appointments during the week. Please write an email to
  • Select mission: Then select one of the missions 'Artefacts', 'Doc Eisenbarth' or 'Carrie' by clicking on 'book', then select one of the times.
  • Payment: Afterwards you will receive an email with a payment link. You can pay via PayPal, credit card or on-site by credit or debit card or cash. If the number of players changes after booking: Only the players who are present at the booked time will be charged. Overpaid money will be refunded.
  • Prices: 21 euros per person (6-7 people), 24 euros per person (4-5 people), 30 euros per person (3 people), 35 euros per person (2 people).
  • Number of players: Maximum 7 people per game - Groups of up to 20 people are required to book all missions (Artefacts, Doc Eisenbarth and Carrie) on the same date. Larger groups please book consecutive appointments.
  • Cancellation: Cancellation is possible up to 72 hours before the start of the game. Thereafter, a cancellation fee i.H.v. 50 euros per mission.
  • Talk to us:
    Phone: 004940-52162787


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