Bachelor party
Bachelor and bachelorettes imprisoned and chained !

You will be talking about this exciting and fun bachelor party.

Reach your borders at your bachelor or bachelorette party and wake up chained in the practice of Doc Eisenbarth. You only have 60 minutes, otherwise the wedding must be canceled . Do you meet all challenges together?

Your bachelor team consists of two to six players. You are trying to escape within 60 minutes from a closed, mysterious space. Your mind is in demand because you face many challenges. You'll find puzzles and riddles, you'll find mysterious objects and hints.

For your escape from the room, you do not need any physical strength, but you should bring team spirit, a lot of creativity and pleasure in logical thinking. You can only find the way out of the curse space together in the team.

Are you curious? Then surprise your friends with this unusual event and book an appointment in your city for one of the Escape games offered there.

Get into the adventure and escape in time!